Croatia’s accession into the European Union has changed the circumstances of tendering in the country, and the same process will gradually begin to take place in other countries in Southeast Europe. European programmes and funds are directly managed by the local government in the Croatian language and within the framework of the country’s laws, which decreases multilateral organizations’ tenders.

In order for a company to remain successful in this market, it must adapt to the new legal framework and locate the appropriate local resources. Our specialized services of counselling tender processes are coordinated with language support teams, which guarantees the correct interpretation of the conditions necessary for a company’s participation in tenders and the preparation of tenders.


  • Personalized notifications on invitations to tender.
  • Preparation of bids and support in the tender process.
  • Legal advice in the area of contracting public works.
  • Creation of check lists for the preparation of necessary documentation.
  • Coordination of the translation process and review of prepared documentation.
  • Legally determined completion of tenders and tendering.
  • Networking with local partners.
  • Submission of appeals to the State Commission for the Supervision of Public Procurement Procedures.