Croatia’s accession into the European Union has increased Spanish companies’ needs for translations in tender processes. To meet this need, we have created a strong network of necessary experts in order to join in this process. We offer professional and specialized services which guarantee:

  • Integral support: we believe that your company needs excellent translations of its documentation, but you might also need support in decision-making processes in the course of the preparation of tender documentation. We have integrated the translation process with consultancy and documentation revision throughout the process of the preparation of bids.
  • Cost reduction and efficiency: by composing content prior to its translation, we avoid unnecessary translations of parts of the documentation that are not essential. This helps you focus on the preparation of the tender from the very beginning, which might bring you an important competitive advantage over other bidders.
  • Bilingual team: our team of expert bilingual translators specializes in translations from Spanish / English into Croatian and vice versa. Owing to our presence in the country, we have chosen the best translators and you will be assigned the most suitable translator, depending on the text which needs to be translated: the areas of economics and finance, science and technical subjects.
  • Availability: our specialization in this field of activity enables us to take over extensive projects and place a network of translators at our clients’ disposal. The dramatic rise in translation activities around certain key dates in the year when there is a bigger number of open tenders makes it impossible to commission translations, so the year-round availability of our translators is a key factor in the process of tender preparation.